Excellent Anti-Cyberbullying Ad

Earlier this year, I addressed our middle school students on the topic of bullying (with the wonderful assistance of our Middle School Assistant Principal and our Middle School Counselor). Needless to say, at Cole we've adopted a strong anti-bullying stance.

During my part of the presentation I stressed the need to stop cyberbullying. I wanted to get the point across to the kids that cyberbullying is a big problem because it's "easy". It's easy in the sense that the abuser can hide behind a computer and the abuser doesn't see the immediate results of his or her actions. My point was - if you wouldn't say something to someone's face, you shouldn't say it online. I needed something to drive my point home.

Imagine my excitement when I came across the following awesome public address message on YouTube. It was produced by the Ad Council for their Antibullying ad campaign. When I showed it to our students, you could have heard a pin drop. It lead to an excellent discussion between me and the kids. If you need to share this sane message with kids, you need to use this video!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdQBurXQOeQ, Accessed January 31, 2011.


Elena Rodriguez said…
This is a must see for everyone....teachers, students, parents.
Anonymous said…
In today's culture of cyber driven communication it is imperative that children, teens, and adults are taught what is, and is not, appropriate when it comes to online communication. This anti-cyberbullying ad campaign is an excellent way to get that message across in a relatable way. It seems to be difficult for kids/young adults (and even adults) to understand that just because we are not communicating something face to face, we are still sending a message that will affect the receiver. Using the internet/social networking sites for bullying is cowardly and irresponsible (as bullies tend to be). Bullying is not acceptable in any arena, but should be especially fought against in cyberspace where a victim has little to no recourse and the bully can effectively "hide".
Diana Short said…
This is a good video to share with our students. We as current teachers, or future teachers must make sure we are aware of the environment within our classroom. In case there is a bully and/or cyberbully situation we deal with it sooner better than later. Bullies can cause a lot of damage to their victims.

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