Friday Feeebie

I've decided to dedicate Fridays to posting links to my favorite free sites on the web. The sites will have an educational slant to them but will probably prove useful in any setting. (Note that if you're receiving this post via email it will probably not reach you until Saturday.)

Today's cool free site is Big Huge Labs. ( According to the site, the good folks at Big Huge Labs have been "helping people do cool stuff with your pictures since 2005." Upload a photo and then pick from a variety of cool things to do with it - create a motivational poster, pop art, a magazine cover, a movie poster, a jigsaw puzzle, a photo filmstrip and more! No account is needed and downloading your projects is easy.
There are a multitude of ways teachers and students could use the site. Projects could be designed around any of the applications. Students could create a movie poster for a novel, a motivational poster using quotes from literature, or a magazine cover for an historical event.

Head over to Big Huge Labs today and have fun!

Graphic from Accessed January 21, 2011.


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