Pre-service Technology Teaching - What should it do?

Tonight I start teaching a new semester of "Microcomputers in the Classroom" at Texas A&M San Antonio. It's a survey type course designed to teach aspiring teachers about the use of technology in the classroom. As I begin my fourth time teaching this course, I wonder what my main objective should be.

While I can surely show them a variety of software tools, I'm not sure what tools will be at their disposal once they're in the classroom. I do focus on free applications (especially the use of Web 2.0 tools), but I know that without consistent practice much of the skill set I show them will disappear before they ever get in the classroom.

So, I guess my overarching goal should be to increase their technological self-efficacy (their beliefs in their own ability to use technology). If I can get them a little more confident in venturing into tech integration and steer them in the right direction for resources and support, I will have at least planted a seed.

Wish me luck!


k-ro said…
the school where I am at uses a program similar to Blackboard. It is called EDLINE. with a sister program called Gradequick, to keep track of grading.

the school has a goal to work with as little paper as possible using these programs as the main source of communication for students, parents and teachers.

I know there are all kinds of fun, dynamic ways of using this program, but we were not really given full training on how far we can go with this program. luckily it was addressed at the last faculty meeting and workshops are being organized to teach us. Im excited that this class in addition will help me set up virtual classrooms should i not be able to attend.

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