Recipe for Change

Heard this today at the Schlechty Conference:

To effectively initiate change, you need a core set of beliefs, a shared vision, a mission for your organization, incentives for those who follow the change, the resources needed for people to make the change, and skills necessary for the change.

When change fails, examine this:

Change without Beliefs leads to Indifference.
Change without Vision leads to Mistrust.
Change without Mission leads to Confusion.
Change without Incentives leads to Resistance.
Change without Resources leads to Frustration.
Change without Skills leads to Anxiety.

Too often we blame the failure of change on those we're trying to change. Next time change in your organization is not working, figure out what people are feeling and you'll discover what your organization is lacking. Not an easy pill to swallow, but a necessary one.

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Mel Villarreal said…
What about input from the people who are going to affected by the change? If the change is coming at me from above and no one asked me what I thought about it, I may not give it my full cooperation.
Mars Rich said…
One other characteristic that an organization, person, or team must possess is Determination and Persistence. When one is striving for change and transformation, negatives will always present themselves. One can have a belief but one must also have the determination to csrry it through.
Anonymous said…
Richard Pena- Change is an important matter that helps one to grow and progress. However, rapid spontaneous change can cause confusion and anxiety in some people and can be devastating. Nevertheless,individuals can though not always be able to fully deal with unexpected changes but they can lessen such changesby being more informed about certain issues, gaining outside knowledge of current events and trends and learning more about an important topic that can help thembetter cope with the issues in the long run. Furthermore they should seek help and counseling from others. On a positive note changes can be good and can help a person stay away from bad habits and addictions and in addition give them healthy and productive changes that will help them come a long way. So despite the negativity of change, it can also be a great and fulfilling thing.

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