Friday Freebie - An App You Can Talk To!

This week's "Friday Freebie" is an app I found for my iPhone and my iPad that had made life much simpler! It's Dragon Dictation and it's a free program that allows you to talk into your device and it transcribes everything you say into text.  It's an amazing little product and I've been surprised at just how accurately it transcribes. In fact,  I'm not typing any of this blog entry today. I've "talked" all this into my iPhone!

On the iPhone, you can e-mail your transcribed text to someone, send it as an SMS message, or copy and paste it into another program. The iPad has additional features like saving your text for use at later time. It doesn't add punctuation automatically, but you can add it by simply saying "comma", "period", "exclamation point", etc.

Free? Simple to use? Makes life easier? This Friday Freebie is a no-brainer!


Mel Villarreal said…
I don't have an iPhone. Do you recommend it?
Mel Villarreal said…
Next question: Is this something I could use for work, that is, could I make a note on an iPhone and move that note to my template on Excel?

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