Friday Freebie - DropBox - The app I can't live without!

This week's Friday Freebie is the one application I simply can't do without. I use it every day!

Dropbox,, is an online backup service that allows you to back up documents, pictures, video, or anything on your computer. There are a lot of back up services online, but what sets Dropbox apart is the Dropbox utility you install on your computers.

After creating a free account (2 GB of space), you can download the Dropbox application on any computer you want synced to your account. You can install Dropbox on as many computers as you want, PC or Mac. The application creates a Dropbox folder on you computer. Then, any file you save in your Dropbox folder is backed up online and downloaded to every machine that has Dropbox on it! Create a document at work, save it Dropbox, and it's instantly on your computer at home! I currently have nine different devices synced to Dropbox. It's amazing.

Make a mistake and really screw up a document? No problem. Go to Dropbox online and see every version of the document you've saved for the past thirty days! Then just restore an old copy.

Have a remote device? Download the free Dropbox App for iPhone , iPad , Blackberry, or Android and view all your documents on those too!

As you can see, Dropbox is a really powerful tool. Get it today! But, if you're really interested, I ask for a small favor. Everyone gets 2 GB of storage for free. But, if you accept a Dropbox invitation from an existing user (like me!) then I get an extra 250 MB of space and so do you!

So, if you'd like to try Dropbox, shoot me an email at or and I'll invite you! Or, you can click HERE and create an account on me!

Have a GREAT weekend.


Thanks, I love Dropbox, too. I wish I could afford the 50 gigs!!

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