Friday Freebie: Make Some Beautiful Music!

Want an easy (and FREE) way to edit sound? I know many people use Audacity and Mac folks are extremely fond of GarageBand, but there's an online tool that's just as easy and has some really nice features.

Head on over to Aviary (  and you'll find a suite of free editing tools. Each tool is named after a bird (thus, the name "Aviary.") There's Phoenix (the image editor), Toucan (the color editor), Peacock (the effects editor), and more. But my favorite is Myna, the sound and music editor.

Myna allows you to mix multi-track recordings. There are available music loops offered and you can record your own voice and upload to your library. Add automated fades ands pans, throw in some effects like reverb and delay and you've got yourself a cool music mix! You can even mixdown your creation and download it as an mp3! You need to create an account, but it's free and you'll be able to save all your work online. It is a ton of fun!

I put together a brief tutorial introducing the basics of Myna. It just shows how to use Myna to record a simple voice track. Enjoy!


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