Homework? There's an app for that.

In my ever present struggle to help my son keep up with his class assignments, I had idea that just might help. Emphasis on the word "might."

He is always misplacing his agenda, so that tool doesn't help in keeping track of assignments, tests, and projects. But his Android-based Evo phone is always at his side. So, we did a quick Internet search for student organizing apps for his phone and, as expected, found a plethora of applications. A+ Homework, Homework, and Grades are just a few of the many that we found. My son downloaded Homework. Its a sleek looking app that, hopefully, will inspire him to enter his assignments. Reminder alerts could also help him remember due dates and upcoming tests.

iPhone users also have help at their fingertips. My Homework and iStudiez were the two that continually popped up when I searched.

Some of these are completely free, some have both free and paid versions, and some are paid versions only. None are very expensive.

I'll let you know if it helps in the Rios household. If you have a student agenda app you use, let me know!


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