A Late Friday Freebie

I guess TCEA had me so busy, I forgot to post this week's "Friday Freebie", so you're getting a belated one this week. Belated, but well worth it.

When my students and I presented our breakout session at TCEA, we used a terrific free site, Today's Meet  (http://www.todaysmeet.com/). This free site allows you to quickly and easily create an online "backchannel" room that will allow your audience to post real-time comments and questions during your presentation. And the really cool things is, there is absolutely no registration required (by you or your audience). Our audience was able to ask us questions "on the fly" and we were able to address their questions during our presentation.

Tzo use this great resource, simply go to the site, name your room, decide how long you want it to stay active, and create your website. Then, give your audience the web address and they can post away! Ours was simply www.todaysmeet.com/UsingJing

I can see use of this site in the classroom, but caution teachers that there is no moderation option. So, as soon as your students post a comment, everyone can see it. Simple classroom managament and clear expectations should take care of this.

So, if you want a simple way to gather audience feedback, use Today's Meet!


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