Rock Melt Rocks!

As many of you well know, there are many ways to "surf the net." Most people use Internet Explorer, some prefer "Mozilla Firefox." You'll see some using "Google Chrome" and Mac users love "Safari." And for many of you, Facebook is the best way to keep in touch with friends and family.

Wouldn't it be great if we could browse our favorite sites and stay connected to friends at the same time? Well, say no more - Rock Melt is here. This new browser is a happy marriage between browsing and social networking. It's powered by Chromium, the same software that powers Google Chrome, but with Rock Melt, you log in to your Facebook account when it launches.

Then, while you flip through sites, your Facebook friends profile pics are shown on the left "sidebar." Hover over their pic at any time to see their latest status update. On the right "sidebar" reside your other favorite sites and RSS feeds. My right sidebar includes Facebook, YouTube, My CyberCafeBlog, and an RSS feed from our district's calendar.

You can update your own status at any time by clicking in the upper left corner, or share a site on Facebook with the simple one-click "Share" button.  Browsing is fast and efficient and a built in search box yields a list of sites you can preview before navigating to them.

Rock Melt is still in beta testing (meaning there are still a few bugs to work out), but I haven't experienced any. In fact, I'm using it right now!

Unfortunately, you can just download it. You need to be invited by a Facebook friend. I have five invitations left to use, so if you're interested email me quickly! Happy Browsing!


amanda lopez said…
This is a very interesting application. I only use the internet for the basics (browsing, music,facebook). I find technology so interesting and I'm amazed at the many ways we can communicate. This new app looks fun. Thanks for the introduction.

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