A Story You'll Never See on TV

"On Saturday night at a downtown San Antonio hotel, close to 200 students gathered together for a celebration. The boys were dressed immaculately and the young ladies looked lovely in their elegant dresses.
All the students attending the event behaved wonderfully. No one was under the influence of alcohol. No one had drugs. There were no fights.
The boys seated their dates at the beginning of the evening. When the American flag was posted,  every student stood in solemn respect. All the students enjoyed the dinner and dance that they had all worked hard to plan for. The teachers and administrators in attendance enjoyed the company of the kids and a good time was has by all."
That's a story you'll never see on TV. But that's exactly what happened at this year's Military Ball at Cole High School. It's what happens over and over again in schools all around our city, our state, our country. Students behave exactly how we ask them to behave and teachers give freely of their own valuable time to enrich students' lives. But the public never hears about it.

As far as they know, every high school student in America is rude, focused on partying, and totally self-absorbed. They unfortunately, get an image of youth from silly movies and sensationalized journalism. Those of us in education have the blessing of seeing things quite differently. Sure, we have the occasional troubled student who gives us some grief, but the majority of our students are good kids - kids with manners, kids with morals, kids with a social conscience.

But that's not news-worthy. At least not as far as most local TV stations and newspapers are concerned. The media just doesn't do a good enough job celebrating our students' successes. But to be honest, neither do we.

So, thanks Cole students. The Military Ball was, once again, a wonderful affair. And thanks to students everywhere who behave, who listen, and who treat us and each other with respect. Thanks for making our jobs as wonderful as they are.


lori f said…
thank you...lovely :)
Maria Veliz said…
My 18 year old only daughter is about to live that experience, she's been so busy, excited and anxious during this her last year in high school, it seems that it's going by so fast for her.
Thank you Dr. Rios for sharing that image, I had a tear picturing my little girl there in a few weeks.

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