This is One Proud Techology Director!

Early this morning at the TCEA conference in Austin, my five technology student interns and I presented a concurrent season on "Creating Video Tutorials using TechSmith's Jing!" Jing is an amazing tool and you can find our PowerPoint presentation and all related links in the "Using Jing" pages section of this blog. But, that's not what this blog entry is about.

What this entry is about is the incredible pride I felt when my student interns presented today. Their poise, their presentation of the material, and their professionalism is what made our session successful. Not only were they knowledgeable about the software, but their wonderful personalities came through brilliantly in their delivery. Several attendees commented that the students did a remarkable job in the session.

It didn't hurt  that  the night before, they passed out fliers advertising their session in a shameless attempt of self-promotion! It apparently helped attract quite a few of our attendees.

Later that day, they worked at the eChalk booth. eChalk is our web hosting provider and is the service we use for student email. They performed like professionals there as well. They easily conversed with visitors to the booth and were able to highlight the wonderful features of the service.

When the school van arrived from San Antonio to take them home tonight, they didn't want to go. And frankly, I didn't want them to leave. They were having a great time, and they were representing our school so well. I am so proud of all they did!

I am truly blessed to work with such a great group of kids.


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