Friday Freebie: Celtx: Screenwriting Made Easy!

Ever wanted to write a screenplay? You could end up being the next Ben Affleck or Matt Damon! The problem is coming up with ideas is usually easier than formatting the script. Well, not any more. Simply download Celtx from

This amazing piece of software helps you write a script formatted just like the pros! Scene headings, character names, dialogue, action, and shot angles are all easy to add and are all pre-formatted. Capital letters, all caps, centering, indenting - it's all taken care of for you!

And that's not all! Celtx is a full pre-production tool! Print out shooting schedules, scene breakdowns by character, add media, and more. Want to try your script on the stage first? A simple click adapts it to a stage script!

It truly is an amazing writing tool for anyone interested in quality pre-production! Write On!

Images from and Accessed March 11, 2011.


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