Friday Freebie - Have Your Students Glog, Not Blog

Today's "digital native" students are very visual learners. In addition to learning from text, they enjoy learning from graphics, video, and photos. If that's the way they learn, it only makes sense that they would like to demonstrate their knowledge visually as well.

Today's Friday Freebie gives educators the ability to allow their students to do just that. GlogsterEDU is a free website that touts itself as an "electronic posterizing" site where students can create visually appealing multimedia posters. They can choose from a wide assortment of backgrounds, add text, graphics, video, images, audio, hyperlinks, and more. The result is a visually appealing and exciting way for students to present material.

There is a free version for teachers which allows teachers to create up to 50 student accounts. Teachers give their students the GlogsterEDU generated passwords and usernames, and they can then monitor their students work through the teacher portal. The premium edition is relatively cheap and gives teachers the added features of creating projects, and presentations, and logging directly into their student accounts. A schoolwide license allows teachers to "share" student accounts across classes.

We've used GlogsterEDU at our campus for several projects and the kids are very excited about it. You can see two great examples here: The History of the Sewing Machine and Trains of Awesomeness. The short video below shows two students' perspective on why they like GlogsterEDU.

One important note: There is a difference between GlogsterEDU ( and Glogster ( is a social networking site which is blocked by many school districts. Be sure you talk this over with your district technology staff to assure easy access to the site.


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