It's Official! My Old iPad is, like, so 2010!

As anticipated, Apple announced the release of the iPad 2. Steve Jobs, himself, came out of his medical retirement to unveil the new generation device. Most of the features they discussed were anticipated, but there were a few surprises. The new iPad has...
  • A thinner and lighter design (1/3 thinner!)
  • Front and rear facing cameras (we knew this one was coming)
  • A new A5 Dual Core Processor (Apple claims these will be twice as fast)
  • They come in both the old black and aluminum AND a full white version (didn't see that one coming)
  • An optional "Smart Cover" attached magnetically to the front. When you fold it over the front, the iPad recognizes it's closed and goes to sleep. The cover also folds over to the back to become a stand. (Now, that's cool!)
  • "Mirroring" allows you to attach to an external monitor (via an optional adapter) to display your entire iPad environment. (This will be great for educators!)
  • And, they will cost the same as the old ones!
So, if you've waited for the new iPad before buying one, you're in luck. This new generation looks great! While it was announced today, they don't hit the stores until March 11th, so get to the mall early! For moreo info, see Apple's Official iPad site.


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