Protect Your Surfing Kids at Home

Last year at Cole High School, we began our one-to-one netbook program. Every student in grades 9-12 is issued a netbook computer that they can use all day AND take home at night. The program has gone great, with teachers and students using their netbooks in engaging and exciting ways in the classroom.

At school, our students must go through our network, so all Internet activity  is filtered. At home, however, they can connect to their own wireless access. Some parents have expressed concern and have asked me what they can do to filter their children's Internet activity.

K9 Web Protection is a perfect solution. K9 is a FREE Internet filter that gives parents the power to block websites either by specific URL or by category (such as pornography, gambling, drugs, racism, and more). Parents can even set specific times for Internet access to restrict when their kids can get online. Parents can also use it to  "self-control" their own access to specific websites, such as restricting Facebook time so you can get your work done!

K9 will need to be downloaded and installed on each computer you want to protect, but it's very easy to download and install.

So, if you need a "watchdog" for your home, check out K9. You'll be happy you did!


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