Those Wonderful Kiddos!

Today I was blessed with the opportunity to work with 7th graders all day. Yes, I said "blessed"! Our 7th grade English teacher and Science teacher have teamed up on a project about biomes. Students are learning about biomes in science and writing a research paper in English.

The culmination of the project is the creation of a Glog on Glogster EDU. Glogster EDU is a great online tool that allows students to create electronic posters. See my previous Golgster EDU blog entry for more details.

My job today was to show the kiddos Glogster and how it works. It was one fun day! The students were attentive, excited about the project, and very eager to learn.

What really amazed me were their technology skills. First, their ability to learn the new software was fantastic. Glogster is a very user-friendly piece of software, but their learning curve was very advanced. Like typical digital natives, they basically wanted me to shut up and get our of their way so they could tinker and learn on their own!

But, what really amazed me was their "basic" understanding of computers. All I told them is that they could import their saved photos into their Glog. They knew how to search for the pictures, where to save them, and how to manipulate them if needed. And before I knew it, several students found sound effects to support their biomes and had them uploaded to their Glog. Shortcut skills like using CTRL+C to copy and CTRL+V to paste were second nature to them. It was truly amazing.

Now, don't get me wrong here - I absolutely love working with teachers. Training them on technology is a joy to me! But, teaching students about new technologies is different! When training teachers, I want to be sure I'm creating a safe and nurturing environment. With students, I'm just trying to keep up with them! It's truly invigorating!

Fortunately for me, my current position affords me the chance to work with staff and students alike. What a blessing for me!


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