Create an Online Bulletin Board to Communicate, Plan, or Play

Every now and then, we need a place to plan collaboratively online with others - a place where we can post notes, pictures, documents, and to-do lists. What we need is an "electronic bulletin board."

This week's Friday Freebie does just that. If you need a place on the web to collaborate, head on over to Create an account for free and then using Stixy's simple tools, you can easily create a new bulletin board (called a Stixyboard) and start adding content.

Go to your "Options" page for your Stixyboard and you can allow "guest" access to your Stixyboard. You can let guests view the Stixyboard, or view and edit the board. You can even password protect it to add some security. Guests that can edit can add notes, pictures, documents, and to-do lists. Insider Tip: If guests try to save what they've added by clicking the Save button, Stixy will prompt them to create an account. They don't have to. Tell them to just wait for the Autosave feature to save their additions.

This is a great collaboration site that is very easy to set up and use. Take a look and let your imagination go wild with how you'll use Stixy!

Want to see a Stixyboard in action? Here's one I made for my blog followers:

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