Friday Freebie: Create a Real-Time Poll for FREE

Need to get some audience feedback? Ever wanted to assess your students on the fly using their cell phones? Need to create a poll you can embed in a website?

Most importantly - want to do it for FREE?

Then, PollEverywhere ( is the site for you. Create a free educator account and you can poll up to 32 students per poll. You can create a multiple choice or an open response question and participants can respond via text messaging, smart phone, or via the web. The results show up instantly on the screen! This is a great way for teachers to take advantage of students' smart phone technology.

For teachers, clearing the results and using the poll with your next class is as easy as clicking a button. For blogger (like me) embedding the poll is easy. Just look here:

You can save your polls, download them directly into your PowerPoint, upload them to Facebook, and more. It's a great tool! So, head on over to PollEverywhere and get started!


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