Friday Freebie - Easily Capture Your Screen With Jing!

I can't believe that I haven't mentioned today's Friday Freebie before! It's my favorite piece of free software ever!

If you've ever tried to create a "how-to" tip sheet for software and struggled to capture images off your computer, or if you've wanted to create video tutorials for FREE, then you have to get Jing from TechSmith! This free piece of software allows you to easily capture images from your srceen to paste them into a document, or easily capture up to five minutes of video (including your voice)! If you create a video tutorial, you also get a FREE account on With your 2 GB of storage on screencast, you can house all your video tutorials!

I've presented on Jing at least five times at local, state, and national conferences and everyone that attends is always amazed with Jing. In fact, I have a whole page on this blog dedicated to this great piece of software. Check out all the links and examples on my Using Jing page. It is, simply put, a must have for techies!

Jing Away!


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