How To Download Videos from YouTube

I often get asked by teachers and others how to download videos from YouTube. Unfortunately, there is no really simple way to do it. You can't right click and save the file because of the way it is encoded. While there is no really simple way. there is a way. There's always a way! In fact, I'll give you my two favorite ways.

My favorite way to download videos from YouTube is by using a website called Zamzar (  When you go to Zamzar, you'll see several tabs (convert files, download videos, send files, and manage files). Click on "Download Videos" tab. There, you can paste the URL (web address) of the YouTube video you'd like to download. (To do this first go to YouTube and find the video. Then highlight the web address and hit the Ctrl key and the letter C at the same time. Then click in the first box in Zamzar and hit the Ctrl key and the letter V to paste it in).

Then, you can choose from 19 different video formats to get from Zamzar. This is why Zamzar is my favorite. You can choose anything from wmv to mov to iPhone! Finally, enter your e-mail address and hit upload. The video uploads and within anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour , you'll receive a link to download your converted video!

If you can't wait that long and would be happy with either a Flash Video (flv) or an mp4 file, there is an easier way. Go to YouTube and find the video you want. You'll see something like this in the web address:
Put your cursor between the period and the word youtube and enter the word "save". It will then look like this:
Hit enter and you'll be taken to a new screen where you can choose between the tow download formats by right clicking and selecting "Save As".

Hope this helps!


Andy Smith said…
It's totally free and easy to use.
Or just add a "want" before "youtube" in youtube URL.

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