A Late Friday Freebie: Have Fun with Your Photos Online

Okay, I had a very busy week last week, so I'm a little late with this week's Friday Freebie. And, I missed last week's because of my church ACTS Retreat. So, to make it up to you, I'm giving you SIX free sites I love! And once you visit them, I', sure you'll love them to!

All of these are designed to let you have some fun with your photos online. Enjoy!

First, create awesome collages online at www.photovisi.com. PhotoVisi has a slew of templates for you to choose from. Add photos, move them around and save your work. If you don't want to create an account, you can still download your collages, but you'll have to either upload them to your Facebook account to email them to yourself - a small price to pay for such cool collages!

At www.befunky.com you can have a ton of fun with pics without any sign-up or account. Simply click "Get Started" and select from several activities. My favorite is "Apply an Effect." From there you can create pop art (like above), convert pictures to charcoal drawings, create grunge effects, and more! Of course, there is a paid version with even more bells and whistles!

Need a quick flashback? Then upload your photos to www.makeretro.com and select one of six retro effects, like Lomo, Chrome, and Technicolor. This site is really simple and downloads are ready in seconds!

When you have lots of time and are ready to get lost in a bunch of fun projects, head over to www.funphotobox.com. With their "Face Effects" you can add your face to a variety of cool movie pictures. With "Photo Effects" you can place your picture on billboards and more. And with their really cool animations, you can created animated pictures like the one above. Too cool!

FestiSite Personalized Money
The name and the picture say it all! Head over to www.festisite.com/money to put your mug on a bill! Just don't try to use it! You'll have the Secret Service after both of us!

Tilt Shift Maker
A Tilt Shift camera takes scenic pictures that make regular settings look like miniatures. Since those cameras are horribly expensive, www.tiltshiftmaker.com is the next best thing. Upload your picture (city scenes and landscapes work best) and play with the settings until your photo looks "just right." The before and after pics above show just how neat this effect is!

Hope you have fun with these!


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