The Power of Prayer and Technology: An Update on Jeannie

Thanks to all of you for your prayers for my cousin, Jeannie. As I posted earlier, Jeannie's cancer returned - this time in her arm.

Last Thursday, at M.D. Anderson, doctors had to remove all of Jeannie's arm. In fact, they had to remove some of her shoulder as well. Despite all of this, Jeannie remains in good spirits. Her faith has not wavered and I am confident that with Gods' help, and your continued prayers, she will live a full and healthy life.

My mother is bringing Jeannie to San Antonio today (Monday). She'll rest overnight and continue her ride back to McAllen Tuesday morning. When I stop by to see her, I will take with me all your wonderful thoughts, well wishes, and prayers.

Thank you all for keeping Jeannie and her family in you prayers. God Bless.


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