The Power of Prayer and Technology

Okay, I'll say right from the start that I don't believe God will only love you if you forward a certain email to 20 people. Nor do I believe that by posting a blessing on Facebook, you'll be blessed beyond your wild dreams!

But I do believe in the power of prayer. And, I also find technology is a great way to spread the word of your need for prayers. Mass emailing to friends and family about your needs can quickly bring about a band of prayer warriors in ways we never could before. A post on Facebook will elicit well wishes and prayers from people far and wide. The power of the Internet couple with prayer is awesome.

An example - my cousin Jeannie is battling cancer once again. A strong and faithful woman, she beat breast cancer several years back. Sadly, the cancer has returned and has manifested itself in her arm. On Thursday, doctors at MD Anderson will amputate her arm at the shoulder and begin chemotherapy once again.One quick email to my church brothers got the prayer ball rolling. Prayers are pouring in for her and we've started a "rosary chain", taking turns saying a rosary for her around the clock until her surgery. Facebook and email will keep our friends and family abreast of her surgery all week.

Without email, Facebook, and blogging, this mass communication and prayer would not be possible. Technology, when used the right way, can have an increidble impact on our faith community. Yes, the Internet gets lots of bad press because of por, hate sites, and the like. A lot of this bad press is well deserved. But, there is real power for good behind it as well. Let's use it!

And while you're at it, please pray for Jeannie. Bless You!


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