Say it Ain't So! The End of the Flip Camera!

I love my Flip camera! It's the easiest point and shoot video camera I've ever used. In fact, we've purchased at least thirty of the cute little puppies for our school district. And now, the Flip will join the elephant graveyard of "yesterday's gadgets."

On Tuesday, Cisco (the networking giant that bought out Flip two years ago) announced that they are closing their Flip Camera division. They are stopping all production of new units but will continue to sell what's left through their website and in-store markets. Support for the devices will remain in tact until December of 2013.

Why the shutdown? Despite its ease of use and portability, the answer is pretty simple. The rationale behind the closure is the smart phone. With the rapid innovation of smart phones, we now have video recorders at our side all the time. Almost all smart phones include video recording capabilities, and most have uploading features not found on the Flip.

It's amazing that this device only took four years to go from nothing, to top of the heap, to the graveyard. So, chalk another up to the "used to be's." For more information, see this article in the New York Times, or the email I received from Cisco.


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