Another Cool English Project!

Recently students in our Junior English classes were given an assignment to come up with a memorable quote. They were given examples to look at and dissect, and then they were set off to come up with words of wisdom of their own.

They tweaked and re-tweaked the quotes until they were happy with them and then wrote the quotes on strips of paper. Some added artwork to their quote strips and these colorful strips adorned our hallway for several weeks.  Well, I wanted to create a keepsake of these quotes that could be shared with others.

So, I created a Keynote presentation using the quotes. (For you non-Mac users, Keynote is Mac's presentation software.) I used a cool transition called "Anagram" between the slides and then exported it as movie. I dropped it into iMovie, added music, and sent it to YouTube. Viola!

So, here is the world premiere of "Words of Wisdom from Cole Students". Enjoy!


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