Friday Freebie: Cool Videos Made Way Too Easy

I struggled with this week's Friday Freebie, because to be honest, I just didn't want to let this cat "out of the bag." It's a web-based video creation site called Animoto. People that have seen my finished products from Animoto think I'm some kind of video genius. But the truth is, it's really, really simple to do.

You first create an account. A free basic account only allows you to create 30 second videos. But, educators can get a free Premium account by registering through their Educator's Sign-Up page. This account allows you to create longer videos and also gives you access codes for your students!

Then you create a new project, pick a theme, upload pictures, select music, add text, and sit back and let the Animoto magic happen. After the video is rendered (which may take some time, so you can exit the site) you'll get an email directing you to the finished product. Here's an example I did:

These videos can be embedded into websites (obviously since I just did it), shared on YouTube, sent to Facebook, emailed and more!

Okay, so now the truth is out. I'm no video genius. Have fun, but let's keep this one to ourselves.


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