Friday Freebie: There's a New Cloud in Town!

Chances are you've heard of a website called Wordle. It's a nifty site that allows you to enter text and, after analyzing the text for repeated words, Wordle creates a "word cloud" picture. You can tweak your cloud by choosing from a variety of color schemes. I love the site, but it is not easy to save your word clouds and printing can be difficult. There is also not a lot of variety in the shapes of your word clouds.

Well, there's a new word cloud site in town and it rocks! It's Tagxedo! (Pronounced like "tuxedo" but with "tag" at the beginning.) With Tagxedo, you can enter text like Wordle, but you can also enter a web address, RSS feed, and more. (The word cloud above was created when I entered the web address for this blog!)

Like Wordle, you can change the color scheme and text orientation. But with Tagxedo, it's very easy to download your clouds in a variety of sizes and formats. And, you can change the shape of your cloud (like to an apple, an arrow, a heart, etc.). For now, since it's in Beta, you can upload your own shapes too! It does require the Microsoft Silverlight plugin, but that's an easy installation.

Since downloading and saving is a snap, and since there is no account or sign in required, I can really see the educational benefits of Tagxedo. Take a look. You'll end up with your head in the clouds!


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