Friday Freebie - Track Your Books with Shelfari!

If you love books, then you'll love today's Friday Freebie! It's Shelfari ( - an online social networking site that allows you to track the books you've read, engage in book discussions with others, and get suggestions for future books - all for FREE

Creating an account is simple, especially if you have an Amazon account because now you can link the two accounts! If you don't have an Amazon account, you can create one directly from Shelfari.

Once in, you add information to your profile (as much or little as you want to share). Then, the fun starts. Search and add books to your virtual shelf! Add your own reviews. Rate your books! Look for new ones to read. You can even change the look and wood grain of your bookshelf. Here's a quick link to what's sitting on my shelf right now. You can even embed your shelf into websites and blogs. (Look in the lower right sidebar of this blog for my embedded shelf.)

I can see some cool uses of this in the classroom! Teachers could create a "Class Shelf" and allow students to add the books they read. They could add reviews and suggest books to each other! The teachers could post a link to the shelf for other classes and for parents to see. The possibilities are endless!

So, fellow bookworms, have fun with Shelfari!


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