Friday Freebie: The Wonderful World of Google!

Today's Friday Freebie isn't one piece of free software, it's a multitude of free stuff - all through Google! Most people know about the great search features of Google, but more people need to learn about the wonderful tools you get when you sign up for a Google account.

Gmail gives you free email that's robust and easy to use. GoogleDocs allows you to create and collaborate online on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, and more! Google's PicasaWeb is a great online tool for sharing photos. And my new best friend is GoogleSites that allows you to create fantastic looking websites - all for FREE. And those are just four of many, many more programs you can access with a Google account.

I recently re-created the website for my Knights of Columbus Council. Using GoogleSites, GoogleDocs, GoogleFeedBurner, and Picasa, I think I've made a remarkably good-looking site with lots of productive value. Don't believe me? Just visit it

Be amazed and then get your own Google Account. Just go to Google and click the "Sign In" button in the upper right corner, then click "Create an account now". Have fun!

P.S. You may received a strange old-post email from this feed on Friday. Blogger was acting goofy this week. It deleted one of my posts from this week and then sent out some old ones. Oh, well!


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