The Power of PDF's

Most of you reading this have, at one time or another, either opened or created a pdf file. PDF stands for "portable document format" and it's a convenient way to save files in a universal format for others to open. Creating a pdf is often as simple as clicking "Save As" in a program and chosing the pdf format.

But, if you have a copy of Adobe Acrobat, you can do much more. Now, I'm not talking about the free Acrobat Reader, which allows you to read pdf files, but Adobe Acrobat which allows you to create more more complex pdf files. It's not free, but it's not wildly expensive either. I found a copy at Academic Superstore for $69.00.

So what does it do? With it, you can create pdf forms that can be filled out by the end user (with the free reader) and emailed back to you. You can take a multiple page pdf and "split" it into multiple files. And, to me the coolest feature is the ability to create pdf portfolios.

A pdf portfolio is a pdf file with multiple files within it in a graphical, interactive format. You can add other pdf files, word documents, pictures, video, sound, and more. A simple wizard walks you through the steps to create the portfolios and the results are really cool. As an example, I grabbed a few pictures I took and created a pdf portfolio for you to see. Click HERE to open it. It's a bit big, so be patient.

The possibilities for use in education are incredible! So teachers, get a copy and get creative!


Anonymous said…
Unfortunately, when you type in Cole Jr 7 sr. H.S. the offer for $69 is no longer valid. It now costs $119. Bummer.

R. Montalvo
Really a nice article about a wonderful software.I am using it from a couple of years and agree that its best software developed for this purpose. I too accept that the ability to create pdf portfolios is a cool feature that it provide.

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