A Sign of the Times

Today, my son was wandering around the house looking for something. After a few minutes of watching him go from room to room, my wife asked him what he was looking for. He said he was looking for a button for his shorts. My wife said there were no extra buttons lying around the house, to which he replied he had found one before and even sewed it on himself.

Surprised, I asked him where he had learned to sew on a button. I was expecting a heartfelt "from Gandma" or an educated "in  home economics." Instead, he answered quickly and matter-of-factly - "from YouTube."

I should have known. I heard somewhere that when older people  use the internet to learn how to do something, they "Google" it. Today's digital natives are increasingly going to YouTube to learn. And to be honest, there's some great stuff out there!

The teacher in me wanted to "test the waters" so I did some YouTube searching myself. I typed in the following searches in YouTube and came up with some great videos.

  • "how to cite in MLA format" - 114 videos
  • "how to solve two step equations" - 726 videos
  • "how to dissect a frog" - 227 videos
  • 'how to create a blog on blogger" - 6,350 videos!
The possibilities are endless. Now I know that a lot of schools block YouTube. We do. But primarily because of the bandwidth they eat up. We have a one-to-one netbook program at our high school and it would really slow things down. But, know that YouTube is more than just goofy videos about giggling babies and talking dogs. There's some learning to be done there too!


You are right that many of the you tube videos are for fun purpose only but there are many more for learning purpose and in most of schools this site is blocked due to same reason that it eats high bandwidth.but there should be at least one system that can open this site and buffer useful video which can be shown to all students together.

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