Jamming in the Job!

The life of an educator can be stressful - really stressful. So, every now and then teachers have to have a little fun!

At Fort Sam Houston ISD, there's a group of us that relieve our "end of year" stress by jamming in the job with our musical group - School Supply. (Okay, that's a cheezy name, but we like it!)

The group started a few years back. I traditionally created an end of year video montage and put some sappy song in the background. One year, I decided to jazz up the slideshow by having a group of us play live along with the slideshow.

The following year, we added a warm up song. This year, we played four warm up songs. The staff really liked it and it helped end our year on a fun note! (Pun intended.)

Here's a brief video highlighting some of our performance. Enjoy!


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