Mapping Your Workouts for FREE!

Okay, I normally try to focus my "Friday Freebies" on software and websites with educational value for teachers. But I have to share this one with you! I mean, it is summer. It's time for us educators to re-energize and take of ourselves, and that means exercise!

This week I discovered, or I should say rediscovered, the "MapMy" websites. The sites allow you to track your workouts by logging routes, times, distances, speed, and more. And it doesn't really matter what exercise you're into, because the makers of the sites actually have seven similar sites - MapMyRide, MapMyRun, MapMyWalk, MapMyHike, MapMyTri, MapMyFitness (combo of all), and MapMyMtn (for snow skiers).

I'd used MapMyRun before - long ago, before foot surgery ended that wonderful habit. I've since taken up biking and rediscovered the sites. After creating an account, you can map your workouts by clicking on the route you've taken on a map. Enter the time it took you and the site calculates all your stats.

But, the real fun starts if you have a smartphone. Download the iPhone, Android, or Blackberry app for your phone, and using the built in GPS, the program will map your workout and calculate everything for you as you workout. You can even "go live" and allow friends to "watch" your map in real time.

It's so cool, I'm shopping for an iPhone holder for my bike. So, get off the couch and get moving!


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