One Heck of a Thank You Card!

I received a wonderful thank-you card from one of our graduates today. The card read ...
Dr. Rios,
It feels as if I've known you forever! For as long as I can remember, you've been there to help out whoever needed it, including me. I want to thank you for being such an awesome person and for always being there to bring a smile to my face...I will miss you more than you can imagine next year."
I'm not sharing this to brag. I'm sharing it to remind my fellow educators of why we do what we do. Teaching is tough and we tend to fixate on the things that aren't going the way we want. We need to remember that the vast majority of the students and the parents we deal with our wonderful people - people who appreciate and respect what we do.

My advice to all teachers (listen up Ariana - you'll be one soon) is to start a "Feel Good" file. Anytime you get a note like the one above, save it. The, when your back is up against the wall, when the state-mandated tests won't go away, when the kids just don't seem to have their heart in it, open up your "Feel Goods" and read a few of the notes. Trust me, it will re-energize you!

To all, don't forget to thank a teacher. To my teacher friends - have a wonderful and restful summer. You deserve it.


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