TechSmith's New iPad App - Chomp - Coming Soon!

 If you've read this blog before or seen me present at technology conferences, no doubt you’ve heard me touting the “wonderfulness” of TechSmith’s Jing screen capturing software. Jing (which is free) or Camtasia (Jing’s “big brother”) allow you to easily capture anything on your computer screen, and your voice, to create video tutorials for teachers and students.

In today’s mobile age, wouldn’t it be great if you needed to show a student an example – like solving a two-step equation or balancing chemical equation - and you could do it on your iPad? Well, you will soon! TechSmith will soon release an iPad application to do just that.  TechSmith’s new “Chomp” will be a very simple to use iPad app that will allow you to create video tutorials on the move. Open Chomp and you get a white screen and some simple tools, like different colored markers. Hit record and start writing and talking! Chomp records all your on screen action and your voice.

You'll even be able to grab pictures from your gallery and drop them right onto your backdrop to annotate on top of them. After the video is recorded, one simple click of a button sends it to the Chomp website and you're given a unique URL. Chomp does not require any login, username, or password. Viewers will just need the web address to see your videos! It’s that easy!

The possibilities for using this in classrooms are fantastic. Teachers can easily show examples to students and students can create examples for each other! It's a super handy little app that I think can do great things for teachers. No release date has been set yet, but rest assured as soon as I find out I'll blog and tweet all about it!


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