Cool New Google Search Features for Chrome Users!

If you're a Google Chrome user (Chrome 11.0 or higher), you have some great new search features that you may not even know about! The first is searching by voice. Open Google and you'll see a small microphone icon in the search box. Click on it and talk away! Google will perform your search. I tried it a few times and was very impressed with its ability to transcribe my voice.

The next cool feature is the ability to search images by uploading an image! Click on "Images" in the upper left to open the Image Search tool, then click on the camera icon. You can then either paste a URL of an image, or upload one from your computer. I tried several times and the results varied. For the most part, Google matched images based on color and shape. However, when the image was very recognizable (like when I uploaded a picture of the Parthenon or a plate of fruit) Google did a great job matching the images.

There are also some great new mobile search features. Using any web browser on a smart phone, users can now click on any of several icons on the Mobile Google search page, like "Restaurants", "Coffee", "Bars", and more. Using your current location, Google will list nearby establishments that fit your search

All these great new tools are ready to use, so give them a try. For more information, see the videos linked below.

Google Search by Voice

Google Search by Image


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