The Educational Power of Twitter for Teachers

I've recently re-discovered the power of Twitter! When I first heard of Twitter I really couldn't see the value of having an account. I couldn't care less about what Ashton Kutcher had for breakfast or where Demi Moore was going for dinner. I didn't see why anyone would want to follow anyone through this "micro-blogging" site.

Then, I discovered just how much really good information is being shared out there! In my case, there is a multitude of technology directors, coordinators, and vendors that tweet about educational technology related issues. A lot of the information I pass along through this blog, or through my staff development, comes from information I've gleaned through Twitter. 

And, it doesn't stop at eduational technology. There are educators out there tweeting about just about everything you can think of - language arts,  math, science, social studies, special education, at-risk students. The list goes on and on.

Some non-tweeters still think that they if have a Twitter account they need to be tweeting all day long. They feel they have nothing to share, so they don't set up an account. But, you can simply be a receiver and gather information to use. It's like creating your own Professional Learning Community. Creating a Twitter account is very easy and if you need a list of people to follow, here's a link to Twitter for Teachers, a site that has educationally related Twitter feeds categorized by subject. (By the way, I got that link through Twitter.)

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