Keeping Fit with Technology - QR Fitness Trails!

This week I'm in Oguinquit, Maine with fellow Mimio educators at their annual Mimio Educator Summit and while the focus of our work is, of course, on interactive whiteboard technology, we've found the time to talk about other areas of technology. (What a bunch of geeks!)

One of my fellow Mimio buddies, Kurt Kohls, a fabulous and passionate educator, has started a little venture that incorporates new QR technology into fitness. His new company, QR Fit Trail, sells signs with QR codes that can be "placed along fitness trails, walkways, courtyards, etc." Using a smart phone and a free QR reading program, visitors to the signs can watch and participate in various fitness activities in four categories - core body, flexibility, lower body, and upper body.  The entire series of signs has five signs for a total of twenty exercise activities.

It's a fabulous idea that incorporates the latest in technology with good health. Pay the site a visit and I know you'll be impressed. For more on QR codes see my post, "What's the deal with all these goofy boxes."


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