An Open Letter of Thanks to My Mimio Family

I spent this week in Ogunquit, Maine at The Cliff House. It was a beautiful setting with crisp air, great views, and delicious food. But the highlight of my week was the quality time I spent with some of the most dedicated, intelligent, and compassionate educators I've ever met.

We were all there for the 2nd Annual Mimio Educator Summit. There were about twenty teachers and technology coordinators and directors invited, along with the wonderful Mimio staff. Most of us are Mimio Masters and teach for Mimio online. And while the majority of the time we spent together focused on their wonderful product, there was so much more!

We learned about great Web 2.0 tools (Thanks, Lynn!). We explored QR Codes in the classroom (Thanks, Kurt!). We looked at exciting new iPad apps (Thanks, Tracy!). We explored the power of social media (Thanks, Lauren!). We talked about professional development, Google Apps for Educators, one-to-one initiatives, cell phones in schools, and the list goes on and on! There was so much excitement and passion floating around that the week just flew by.

And if that wasn't enough, we really connected on a personal level. We talked about families. We enjoyed the "babies on board" for the trip. We laughed. We ate. We survived our first ever Mimio talent show. We bonded. We became family.

Every educator needs support. Every teacher needs people they can call on for help. Every technology director needs people they can call on at any time for honest and open advice. I am so blessed to have met these wonderful people who I consider part of my educational family.

It was a blast, gang! Until next year.

Love you guys!



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Lauren said…
How kind of you, Roland, to write this note! We are so proud to be working with the likes of this group. What a team we make and it keeps getting better each year. It was fascinating to listen to you present on the tech intern program you created at your unique school. I look forward to following more of your stories!

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