Friday Freebie: Free Flashcards and more!

This week's Friday Freebie site has been around a while, but I just stumbled across it and it's fantastic! It's Quizlet. The idea is simple: create a set of virtual flashcards by typing in questions and answers, or words and definitions, or English words and their translation into another language. The ideas are limiltess as to what you can input.

Then, after creating the list, you can study the terms by virtually flipping through the flashcards. But that's just the start of it! Quizlet will take your list and create a fill in the blank quiz, or it will read out the terms to you and check to see if you can spell them, or perhaps you want a practice test with matching and multiple choice. It does it all! There are even two interactive games it creates for you.

Flashcard sets can be shared with others and also shared with a variety of iPad and iPhone apps. They can even be embedded in a blog!

It's a great site that I'll be sharing with my teachers this year!


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