A Great Kind of Tired!

It's only Thursday of the first week of school and I have to be honest - I'M EXHAUSTED! It feels more like Thursday of the tenth week of school! But, it's a wonderful kind of exhausted. The teachers in our district are "chomping at the bit" to get a hold of technology and are ready to integrate it into their classes.

They want their web pages up-to-date. They want their Mimio interactive whiteboards up and running. They want students in the labs. And they're not the only ones. My high school students started asking on day one when I was going to issue them their netbooks. They're ready to rock and roll with technology too!

Our teachers returned this year with a great sense of purpose and energy. They're ready to seamlessly integrate technology into their classes and design engaging work for their students. They have some great ideas for this year and I can't wait for them to put their ideas in action. But, it's tiring!

Right now, I'm being pulled in a million different directions all day long. I'm barraged by emails. I'm stopped in the halls, classrooms, and offices everywhere I go. My iPhone rings constantly. Tech requests are flying in.... It just won't stop!

I hope it never does.

Image: Sean Dreilnger, "Sleepin Baby Julia", March 18, 2007 via Flickr, Creative Commons License.


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