Students. That's What It's All About.

I just finished up three straight days of teacher in-service. And while I absolutely love working with teachers, by the time today's session was over I was exhausted. I was also pretty stressed since I've got a lot of work to do before school starts. There's a lot to be done before the teachers come back. We've got to finish installing equipment in the classrooms. I've got student accounts and teacher accounts to create on a slew of sites. The web page needs updating. There's more training to prepare for. The list goes on and on

I was feeling pretty stressed and to top it all off I had to take a HOT walk over to high school to visit the principal. When I got to the high school office,  that's when it happened. That's when I saw what it was all about. Because there in the high school stood living, breathing, excited, energetic STUDENTS. They were there preparing for a "New Kid" summer camp for our new students as part of their Student to Student program.

When they saw me, they welcomed me with high fives and hugs and asked about my summer break. One young lady asked me if I still needed students for my student technology internship program. I had asked her last year, but she thought her dad was being moved to a new army post. The move has been postponed and she wants to be a tech intern after all. I told her I was hoping to get some young ladies involved in the internship program and that I welcomed her to join us this year. She literally jumped for joy and gave me a great big hug. My stress disappeared in an instant.

That's what we're here for. We're here for that enthusiasm, that wonderful youthful energy. When we strip away the computers, the laptops, the iPads, and the software, we remember it's all about the kids. It's always about the kids.

June, July, and August always seem to zip by too quickly. This time of year, we're all rushing to get things ready.  Seeing students that are eager to return, that are eager to help out teachers, that want to learn - makes all of this well worth it.  It's what we went into education for. It's what I love about my job. I'm so blessed to be able to do what I love, with kids I adore, in an environment that's healthy and happy.

So, I'll stress no more. I'll simply look forward to the beginning of the new year when all those bright, shiny, faces show back up again and we, as educators, begin to make a difference all over again.

Happy End of Summer. :)


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