Friday Freebie: So, What Did You Learn Today?

Okay, this week's "Friday Freebie" is coming to you on a Sunday. Forgive me! It's been a busy week...

I've seen many teachers and presenters use some form of an "exit slip" with learners after a lesson. To "exit" a class, participants must write down something they've learned. It's a nice way to see what "take-aways" your audience is leaving with.

Today's Friday Freebie, Memiary for Education, does just that in an electronic format. The site can be found at (this is not to be confused with, which is their site for non-educational uses.)

The idea is simple. Create an account in a few easy steps and then start recording what you learned "today" by typing in up to five items. You can also look back and enter what you learned yesterday, or look forward and type in what you want to learn "tomorrow." If you're a teacher, you can easily convert your account to a teacher account. You'll then have a code to give your students. After they've entered their "learning" you can view their input from your teacher overview. You'll even be able to change the prompts!

You can even grab the widget code and put your learning right into a blog! (see below) It's so simple and easy to use, it's a wonder there aren't more sites like it! So, what did you learn today?


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