Hi! My name is Roland, and I'm a Digital Hoarder.

I recently got my iPad2 at work to replace my original iPad. I was excited about the built-in camera and the accelerated speed and couldn't wait to move over all my apps, music, pics, and video. As soon as I got home, I hooked it up to my computer and prompted iTunes to restore the profile from my original iPad to my new toy. As soon as the sync started, I left to go to the gym.

When I returned, there was an error message in iTunes that I did not have enough memory on my iPad2 for all the files. I was a bit puzzled until I turn the iPad2 over. In our rush to order the iPad's we ordered 16 GB models. My original iPad had 64 GB. Well, it's too late to return the iPad2, so I knew I had to clean house. That's when I made an horrible self-discovery - I am a digital hoarder!

I had apps on that iPad that I used once and never used again. I even had some apps that I'd never used at all! And yet, I found it was hard to delete them.

I was reminded of the television show,  "Hoarders". I've watched the show several times and I'm always amazed that people just can't throw junk away! I watch them holding on to old newspapers, outdated clothes, and tacky knick-knacks and I think,  "It's useless! Why can't you throw that away!" But, I found myself in that same position as I was trying to delete apps, or movies, or music. As my little app icons jiggled across the screen I imagined them trembling with fear that they would get the axe. Everything seemed essential! Nothing could go!

Then, I took a deep breath and started deleting away. And it didn't hurt that much. I mean, honestly, how many time can you have a cat repeat what you say? How many times do I need to listen to take a moron test? Slowly, but surely, the apps started coming off and I discovered I had more than enough memory with 16 GB. When push came to shove, I cleaned house! And I promise, it will never get that cluttered again.

Yeah, right.

Photo: Christian Lopez, The Garbage, Uploaded March 26, 2010 via Flickr. Creative Commons License.


David K. Fuller said…
On my new desktop I bought just a week ago I made sure it had enough space to hold what I already had, and enough for a few more years. The desktop itself has 3.5 trillion bytes and an external with one trillion bytes. If this is digital confession, I may be ready for a digital yard sale.

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