An Early Freebie: BrainShark - Post Your PowerPoints (with your VOICE) Online for FREE!

I know I usually use Fridays to post Freebies, but this one just can't wait. I recently discovered an easy way to post presentations online with your narration included! Now, I am a TechSmith junkie and use Jing and Camtasia all the time. And, I'll continue to use these powerful tools. But, if you're looking for a simple way to upload a presentation and add your voice, then MyBrainShark is for you!

Creating an account is FREE and painless. Then, you upload the file of your choice. MyBrainShark accepts PowerPoint files, Word documents, pdf's, images, and videos. After a quick conversion, you can add background music from their library and you can add your narration. Narration can be added via your computer's internal mic or by phone. The great thing about adding voice to PowerPoint presentations is that you add narration slide by slide. So, if you mess up, you only have to re-record the narration for that one slide.

When you're done, MyBrainShark supplies you with a URL to share with others. You can also upload to YouTube. They even give you a QR code with a direct link to your presentation! And, of course, you can embed:

So, try it for yourself! You'll love it!


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