Friday Freebie: Fakebook Lets Students Create Fictitious Facebook Accounts for FREE!

Looking for a great way to get students to show off what they know about historical figures or literary characters? Then, tap into their love of social media and let them create a Facebook-like profile as a project.

Fakebook, is a free service from ClassTools, who bring you other great free programs like the Random Name Picker and the Countdown Timer. Go to the site and with one click you'll start creating yourFakebook profile. There is no sign up needed!

Type in the name of your character and Fakebook will let you upload a profile picture or it will find one for you! You can then add profile information such as birthdate, hometown, marital status, etc. You do so simply typing in a text string like birthdate=Jan 8, 1918 or Hobbies=Lunar landings. You can add any profile information you want this way. You can also add "friends", add posts, and reply to posts as different characters. You can even link YouTube videos to your posts.

If you don't finish all at once, you can save your work. Simply click "Save" and you'll be prompted to create a password. You'll then be given a unique URL to go back to and edit or to share with others once you're done. The work can be printed, downloaded, or embedded in a website. It's a simple and very cool school tool!

Here are some great examples I found using their browse feature:
Albert Einsten
George Washington

So, give it a spin and keep me posted!


Anonymous said…
I think this is sooooo cool

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