Friday Freebie: A Playhouse of Fun for Young Users

This week's Friday Freebie is the first I've posted that's targeted specifically to very young users. The purpose of PoissonRouge is to introduce Pre-K and younger computer user to the use of the mouse as an interactive tool while helping them hone their investigative skills. And, it does such a good job, it's a blast for older users too.

At first glance, the site looks like a simple "playhouse" with clickable graphics. But, there are so many hidden adventures you could stay on the site all day. Click on the ladybug and a while new room open ups. Click the wooden puppet to make him dance. Click on just about anything and fun is in store!

The aspect I really like is that there are no written instructions. User have to rely on their own investigative skills and imagination. With most of the interactive activities you really don't discover the goal or object of the game until you start clicking. What a great way to get kids to "own" their learning.

So visit Poisson Rouge with (or without) a youngster in tow. You'll be glad you did.


day_by_day said…
Going to try it right now hoping it's something that will benefit the Pre-K in Room 19!

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