Friday Freebie: Will You Type With Me?

This week's Friday Freebie is an incredibly useful collaborative tool that can be used any time you need to create a document together with other people.

Now bear in mind,  I'm a Google proponent. I love Google Docs and I think it's probably the most powerful way to collaborate on projects. But, Google Docs works best when everyone in your group has a Google account and you can send it ahead of time.

But, what if you need to collaborate on something "on the fly" with people you've just met? For example, let's say you're in a meeting with a group of other  teachers, or you're holding a workshop and want to gather some input from others. Well, WillYouTypeWithMe is a perfect solution, Visit WillYouTypeWithMe and you're able to create a document on the fly by simply typing in a name for your new writing "pad."" Then give out the URL to your colleagues. They create a username and begin adding to the document. It's that simple!

Additions are color-coded based on which user is adding to the document and there are some pretty simple editing features. Now, it's nowhere near as robust as Word or Pages or even Google Docs. But. it's an incredible easy way to gather input from other people.  And, if you have a document you want to start with, you can import from Word, PDF, HTML, or RTF. And the export features are pretty nice too. Once you're done with your work, you can export as a Word document, RTF, PDF. and you can even export it as a Wordle.

Wanna give it a quick try? Visit my sample pad at

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Anonymous said…
This program is having serious connectivity issues and is almost useless in its current shape.

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