Three Great Days with Great Teachers!

For the past three days, I've been working with a great group of teachers at a Schlechty Center conference in Dallas. I was honored to be asked by the Schlechty Center to come to the conference as a "fellow" and help with a new module on "Teachers as Guides to Instruction."

The idea is simple - as teachers, we have to stop being the "sage on the stage" and become the "guide on the side." (I hate to use such a overused expression, but the truth is, it fits.) And, because technology is such an integral part of reaching today's digital natives, I was asked to serve as a "resource" for the teachers as they designed engaging lessons during the conference.

I had a BLAST! To see so many teachers excited about new tools that can help engage students was energizing. We played with Prezi, Storybird, Mixbook, Glogster, Edmodo, and more! They designed. They reflected. They shared. And, they had meaningful and lively collegial conversations.

I wish the public at large could see how hard teachers work at creating quality work for their students. The teachers I had the pleasure of working with this week truly care for and KNOW their students. And now they have a new arsenal of tools to engage them even further.

Thanks for a great week!


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